Popular Culture Collection

Relating to Teenagers

This database is where parents and teachers can look up and find definitions for the lingo that teens today use. Also people can look for things that wouldn't necessarily be found in the dictionary and give backgrounds to the searches such as looking for social media sites (ex. Tumblr). This database also is a great resource for games such as Trivia Crack, Pop Lingo, and Pop Quiz.

Pop Culture

Pop Culture is everywhere, if it is on the television, the internet or in a book then we call it Pop Culture. And as an individual who is searching for knowledge we must understand the lens through which the information will be understood.

Giving You all Your Answers about Today's Culture

Spending Your Money

The benefits of this Database are the full-text pre-cited articles that give you reliable information about the Culture of Today.

Pop Culture

Pop Culture has been around since culture has existed and the previous culture influences the pop culture