Dental Assistant

Kaitlyn Murry

Job Description

As a dental Assistant, you have responsibilities which are to set up the equipment for the patient, prepare the patient for the treatment, keep the records of each patient, and assisting the dentist in the treatment. Most of the day is spent taking care of the patients while they are in the office.
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Working conditions

This job is relaxed and flexible. Most of your work is done sitting down helping the patient. Work hours are relatively flexible depending on the office or company you work with. There is not much traveling involved in this job except in between different offices. this also depends on the office or company you work for. Becoming a dental assistant is a very flexible, low stress job.

Training/Education Requirements

To become a dental assistant you need at least 2 years of college and a high school diploma. If you would like to go further with this career you can receive a DANB Certification.
Dental Assisting Interview with Kortni Scott

Personal Characteristics

To become a sucsessfull dental assistant there are certain qualities that will help you. You need to be friendly and outgoing to every patient. You need to have knowledge on the treatment you are doing on the patient. You also need to be powerful and strong but also catious and considerate to the patients sensitivity. There are many more characteristics that will help you in this occupation.

Earnings and Job Outlook

This job is fairly well paid considering the amount of flexibility that is availible. These topics certainly will change acording to the experience you have in this job and who you work for.

The average Earning per year for a dental assistant is $35,640. The location of where the office is plays a role in the amount you earn also. working in a bigger city will earn you more money. There is lots of flexibility with this job between hours and different offices. There is very little training involved and is not very difficult to find a job if you have the right requirements. This job leaves lots of flexibility and a fairly good salary.

Education Spotlight

For this specific occupation you can graduate from most college and get most of the requirements for this occupation. There are some colleges that specificly offer the program like Texas State Technical College-Waco and Kaplan College-Arlington. (in other locations as well) The links to these Colleges are below.