By Joyce Sweeney

Is Noah a bad addition for the team?


This book is about a basketball team trying to get a good player to fill in the 10th man. they decide to pick up a kid named Noah. He is very good but everyone on the team hates him except for the team captain Corey. During the first practice Noah went up to block Luke's shot (The starting center) and hurt him really bad, everyone on the team but Corey thought it was on purpose. The first game of the season started off really bad. Before the game Luke didn't feel so good, so Noah gave him some medicine that he said was Tylenol. While Luke was about to go up for tip off to start the game he fainted and Noah had to come in and start the game. Corey and his team won the game and Noah had 27 points. Luke thinks that the medicine Noah gave him wasn't tylenol and was some type of bad medicine. The next game Theo (the best guard) quit the team and Noah got to start the game. During the first quarter of the game Noah and Luke didn't pass to each other but as the game went on they got more comfortable and passed the ball. As the season went on Luke and Noah became friends and Corey got jealous but that didn't stop them from winning The all-city championship.
"Every time something goes bad for us it turns out good for Noah"


I chose this book because it was about basketball and it's my favorite sport. My favorite part of the book occurred when Noah gave Luke the "Tylenol" and he passed out right at tip off, so Noah got to play the whole game. In my opinion, the book is very good and very exciting. some reasons why i liked this book was because it kept having plot twist. I also like this book because it grabbed my attention and made me want to keep reading it. Overall i rate this book 4 stars because it was on a topic i like and our school basketball team also made it to the championship. It would be recommended for middle and high school kids to read this book.
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