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How to Transfer Songs from iPhone to iPhone

Do you want to know about how to Transfer songs from iPhone to iPhone? If yes then read this post carefully. Today there is a craze of using iOS device like iPhone, iPad and iPod. iPhone is one of the most used iOS device. It offers many amazing features and one can store many types of multimedia files including interesting songs on it. But sometime we have to share those songs with our friends or close ones but the main problem is many users don't have idea about how they can transfer songs from iPhone to iPhone. If you are also searching the same then there is nothing to worry about. You can easily share your iPhone songs to other iPhone with the help of iTunes which is an inbuilt application of all iOS device. Another way through which you can transfer songs from iPhone to iPhone is through iCloud. You can upload your iPhone data to iCloud and later you can get it by login in from iPhone to iCloud. But the both iTunes and iCloud has some limitation and sometime occurrence of error in them can lead to loss of data so it is better to use some third party software. iPhone file transfer software is the best solution through which you can safely transfer songs from iPhone to iPhone without any hassle. For details read more