Daniel's Story Mosaic

By: Jared Meier

Quote #1

"We weren't like everyone else anymore." - Daniel
FDR DECLARES WAR (12/8/41) - Franklin Delano Roosevelt , WWII , Infamy Speech , 24400

External Conflict

The Germans are controlling Daniel and all other Jews.

Daniel's Best Friend

I would say Rosa is Daniel's best friend because she makes a really big impact on Daniel.


The setting is Nazi Germany during WWII.

Quote #2

"She expresses her feelings through her music." - Daniel

Physical Characteristics of Daniel

Blonde, blue eyes, tall, and skinny.

Quote #3

"But suddenly everything was wrong, upside down. It seemed more normal to die than to live." - Daniel

2 Items That Were Important To Daniel

Daniel's pictures and his camera were very important to him.
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That is what I believe Daniel looked like.

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Lodz ghetto

Vocabulary word I learned

Kapo - A leader or ruler of a group commonly used with Nazi kapo's in WWII.
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The camera was important to daniel.

Significant Event

A significant event was when Daniel and his family were put on the train going to Auschwitz.

Internal Conflict

Daniel wants to give up and kill himself but he can't give in after he's gone so far.
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Daniel's pictures are important to him.

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Picture of the second setting in Auschwits.

Quote #4

"Slowly all our rights were taken away until we were just bodies just being shipped out" - Daniel

If you liked this book.

If you liked this book i recommend reading The Diary Of Anne Frank because it documents a different person's story of the Holocaust.
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Picture of Buchenwald.


The them of this book to me is how inhumane humanity is towards itself.
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Rosa another main character.

A Walk Through Auschwitz I Concentration Camp | In 1080p HD


Chancellor - Prime minister in some parliamentary governments


Petty - Of little importance.

Quote #5

“I want someone to pinch me so I can feel something, anything. I'm sick of this numbness, of feeling so alone and outside of everything, but I know it's too dangerous to wake up." - Daniel
Auschwitz - Nazi German Concentration Camp