The goddess queen of the underworld

The goddess Persephone was married to the god Hades. Along with being the goddess of the underworld she was also the goddess of spring growth.

Demeter and Zeus are the mother and father of Persephone. Her mother Demeter was known to be the goddess of the harvest. Her father Zeus was the god of the sky and thunder.

Persephone was titled the maiden as the goddess of springs bounty. Persephone was also known as the goddess of fertility.

Persephone was called Kore or Cora by many other people.

Persephone was abducted by Hades to become his wife and queen of the underworld. Hades abducted Persephone by coming from the underworld on a chariot pulled by black horses.

Persephone's symbol or attribute is the pomegranate.
Persephone's symbol is the pomegranate. Because when she was aloud to the leave the underworld Hades gave her a pomegranate for the trip back to earth. Persephone not knowing if you ate Hades food you were bound to his kingdom for eternity . So Persephone had to return to the underworld for the amount of seeds she ate was the amount of months she had to spend as queen of the underworld.