First Grade Math

Adding and subtracting

Adding and Subtracting.

Today in my first grade class we are learning about math. We are just going to be covering the basics today and doing Addition and Subtraction. We are going to have a lot of fun with this.

The whole week we will be learning about math

This whole week we are going to be learning about math. We are going to start out with some addition and subtraction and once we master those we will move on to some multiplication and division. This is not going to be boring and hard for the kids, I am going to make it as fun and easy and enjoyable for the children as I possibly can.

Here are some examples of types of problems we will be using.

Guaranteed to be easy and fun.

Frequently asked questions.

Will my child get individual help?

-I will be trying to give individual help to each student as much as possible.

What if my child falls behind or is having a hard time?

-I will be more than happy and willing to help your child a little extra, because I do not want any of my students to feel behind or overwhelmed so I will be sure to give some extra help to those specific students that require it.

How will this be fun and enjoyable for the students?

-We are going to be doing many different things with math. We are going to be using different kinds of objects, we are going to be getting up and moving around, working with other students, working as a classroom. My intentions are to make this as fun and enjoyable as possible for my students.

That's a wrap!

Please feel free to send me an email if there are any further questions. Please help your children at home with their homework and try to keep up the positive and fun environment that I am trying to create in my classroom so that the students will want to keep coming back and learning! Thank you!

-Ms. Brink