Hire CakePHP Developer for a Feature-rich and Secure Website

Hire CakePHP Developer for a Feature-rich and Secure Website

A strong and visible presence on the web is very crucial for the growth of any business. With growing competition in the markets, it is important that the companies are able to engage the users through visually attractive and feature-rich websites. Therefore, to build an engaging website offering exceptional user experience, the company can hire CakePHP developer from a reliable web development company.

Website development is faster and more robust when language frameworks are used for the purpose. CakePHP is counted among the best frameworks for PHP and is used widely by the developers all over the world. It is based on MVC (Model View Controller) architecture and makes the work of the developer easier throughout the development process. CakePHP is equipped with several built-in functions and therefore, the developers need not build the website from scratch.

CakePHP web developers need to be deft in PHP programming as well as markup and styling languages like HTML and CSS. Knowledge of JavaScript is an added advantage. If the company is willing to get a website developed but does not possess a dedicated web development team and infrastructure, it can get dedicated CakePHP developer for hire from a trusted web development firm. However, it must be careful in hiring a developer and verifying his or her credentials. Implementing CakePHP for web development has many benefits as it makes the entire development process quite streamlined and less time consuming.

Advantages of using CakePHP for the web development

There is a host of advantages associated with CakePHP web development. In addition to making the process of web development swift and convenient, it aids in incorporating some nifty features in the website.

  • MVC architecture: Model, view, and controller make the work of the developers easy by separating the logic and the presentation.

  • Class Inheritance: CakePHP boasts a very sensible and logical class inheritance, thus making it easy for the developers to define core functions and implement them in a specific manner.

  • ORM: ORM stands for ‘Object Relation Mapping’ and is a very effective programming technique. It ensures type compatibility in different databases, thus making CakePHP a widely used framework for web development.

  • Ajax Support: CakePHP has Ajax support that makes the website highly interactive with functions like smooth form submission and other such intuitive features.

Importance of hiring an experienced CakePHP developer in web development

Developing remarkable websites replete with features yet simple requires special programming skills and years of experience. Although CakePHP framework simplifies the process of web development, highly deft developers are required for the purpose. The company must hire CakePHP programmer from development firms with the good reputation and an equally impressive portfolio.


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