Mining Issue

Acid Mine Drainage


The Issue that I choose is Acid Mine Drainage. This is biggest impact of mining which put great impact on environment or water. It refers to the outflow of acidic water from metal mines or coal mines. It occur when rock surfaces containing sulfides are exposed to air and water.

What happen if not stop or change

This is Acid mine drainage is considered one of mining’s most serious threats to water resources. A mine with acid mine drainage has the potential for long-term devastating impacts on rivers, streams and aquatic life. I harms fish and other aquatic life. Plants and other aquatic life effect through this threat which is not very good thing. If it not stop it may be recognized as the largest environmental risk facing the mining industry and, to a lesser extent, the public through abandoned mines. Acid rock drainage can severely degrade water quality, can kill aquatic life, and make water virtually unusable.

Impact on human health and economy

Acid mine drainage causes ecological harm to downstream areas. Some costs may be incurred by mining firms, in the form of tailing containment, water treatment, and reclamation costs. It harms fishing and aquatic life which impact on economy because fishes die and people can’t able to sell fishes which direct link to economy.

Government states that while there is no direct risk to public health from acid mine drainage, that the solubilisation of various metals (aluminum, arsenic, cadmium, copper, lead, nickel, and zinc) makes it easier for them to enter streams and rivers. Contamination of streams and rivers by these metals can cause problems downstream in fish, wildlife, and drinking water.

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One Treatment technique

Surface water diversion is technique use to reduce the water supply to those potentially acid-generating materials, by using safeguarding channels, pipes, waterproofed channels etc.


Acid Mine Drainage Risks