Jamie and Leslye 8th period

How hydropower is made and how to use it

Hydroelectricity is created by water flow or fall, through large turbines known as a damn. Hydroelectricity is used for houses such for light and anything that needs electricity in order for it to work.


The advantages of using hydroelectricity is that the cost is really low , making it a competitive resource of renewable energy /electricity.It also does not make any pollution since it is just water . The last reason is that water will never run out.

A dam is a barrier designed an constructed to contain the flow of water .It is often built in conjunction with a hydroelectric power station to provide electricity

The Hoover Dam is 726 feet high

Dam types

Different types of dams include masonry dams and arch gravity dams

Where is it abundant

Hydropower is most abundant in Fox River in

Appleton,Wisconsin,Washington,Oregon,California,and New York


The disadvantages of using hydroelectricity is that making the power plants are very expensive to build , making it hard for them to be built everywhere.