Stockard Weight Loss Competition!

Brought to you by the Sunshine Commmittee!


  • Entry fee will be $10 due by Thursday, January 21st (See Mrs. Sevcik).
  • Weigh in will be every Thursday in the nurse's office. Your weight will only be known to you and Ms. Obrien.
  • You may wear Jeans on each weigh in day!
  • Each week if you gain weight you must enter and additional $1 to the winnings.
  • The winners will be determined by percentage of weight loss, not pounds. That gives everyone a chance to win!
  • Two winning dates:
  1. March 11th (determined by final weigh in March 10th) for 1/2 of winnings.
  2. May 20th (determined by final weigh in May 19th) for the other 1/2 of winnings and a Target gift card for making it the full length of the competition!
  • There will be a grace weight in on March 24th. No penalty if you gain weight over Spring Break!