CAG Edible Book Fair

You can have your cake and read it too!

What is it?

The Edible Book Fair is the perfect place for you to show off your creativity! Just pick any book and create a display that depicts a scene from the book or the book jacket or a funny play on words. The only criteria is that it must be edible! Check the categories below and the special awards!

When is it?

The competition will be held on Monday, May 8th 2017. Projects should be dropped off before school or at the beginning of first period.


Classics - Everyone knows these books.

(Gone with the Wind, To Kill a Mockingbird, The Odyssey, etc)

Children's Book - What was your favorite book as a small tyke?

(Cat in the Hat, Where the Wild Things Are, Rainbow Fish, etc.)

Funniest/Punniest - Let your imagination run wild and show us your funny interpretation of a book. You could also use a pun or play on words to change the title a bit.

(Maybe a scene from The Hunger Games would be "Peeping Day" instead of "Reaping Day." You would use marshmallow peeps as people.)

Drop-Dead Gorgeous - This is pretty self-explanatory. Your project is beautiful.

People's Choice - Your peers and the C A Gray faculty will vote on their favorite entries. It's an edible popularity contest!

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Do I have to bake a cake?

No, you do not. Your entry can be anything at all that is edible. Check out the non-cake examples below.


Prizes will be give in first, second, and third place for each category! We will also draw names for door prizes!
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2017 Judges

Charlotte Strange - CAG parent and Chick-fil-a representative

Lynn Humphries - community member and owner of Sugar Shack bakery

Shelia Smith - CAG assistant principal

Pam Heidelberg - CAG head counselor

How do I sign up?

Simply drop by the media center between now and May 4th to sign up. You'll need to choose your category when you sign up, so think about your project before you come! It would be great if you have the book that goes with your entry, but it is not required.

2017 Entries