The Raft

Sha'Maiya Johnson

The Raft (Before the plane crash)

Robie is a 15 year old girl stay with her Aunt Jillian but she calls her AJ. Robie's aunt has to go on a trip for work and wont be back for a week, Aj wants to call Robie's parents and let them know that she's going to send Robie back home because of work. Robie says she can handle being on her own, one night she goes out to buy food and was attacked she planned to go home the next day.

The Raft (In the ocean)

Robie is in the middle of the ocean in a raft at first she is mad at the co-pilot Max for throwing her out of the plan into the ocean. Later in the story Robie finds a bag called the costal commander inside she finds things that will help her survive one of the items in the bag is a card that teaches her ways that she will be able to survive until help arrives. At first Robie thinks that the card cant help her but along the way it helps her stay alive.

The Raft (On the island/the end)

Robie crashes onto a island called Lisianski. There she tries to find ways to help get the attention of boats or planes flying by. She becomes attached to a seal on the island because she thought that she could relate to it, and it became her friend while she was on the island. Later into the story Robie gets saved by the NOAA and takes her back to Midway to be reunited with her family.

Text to self

I remember the first time that I stayed home alone. Just like Robie I was afraid that something bad might happen and no one would notice until they had got back from work, and I couldn't sleep at all that night because I thought that someone was inside of the house.

Text to text

The raft reminds me of Hatchet. It reminds me of Hatchet because in the story the main character survives a plane crash and is on his own until someone rescues him. One of the differences in the story is that instead of crashing in the middle of the ocean he crashed in the middle of a forest.

Text to world

The Raft relates to the world because anyone could crash into the middle of the ocean for twelve days. They could start to loss their mind and imagine someone to help them through being alone so that they think that they aren't alone.