Samuel Adams

Aiden Dougan


Samuel Adams is much more than a type of beer he is an important part in American History. His early life is interesting and cool. The Patriot Sam is cool to see all his battles. After retirement when he was in office see what he did. See what Sam Adams did by reading the passage.

Adams Early Life

Samuel Adams had a normal early life but really good things happened see what happened in this paragraph. Adams started and was born September 27th 1722 in Boston . He then went on to go to Boston Grammar School and after that went to Harvard at 14 years old. He started working at his dad's brewery but fell into politics. After graduation he had a debate in Liberty . This is what happened when he was a child.

Adams as a Patriot

Samuel Adams was a great and very interesting patriot. Not a lot of people know ( I didn't even know) Samuel Adams named the 'Boston Massacre'. When Adams and John Hancock were the head patriot the British soldiers marched twenty-one miles to arrest Hancock and Adams because they wanted to get rid of the had leaders ( the British was not thinking they would have probably hundreds of back-up leaders). Adams belonged to many clubs ( I guess that is where they got the beer name from because he drank beer himself). This is three (of many) I could talk about Adams being a patriot

Adams in office

After Adams retired he went into office. Adams signed the Declaration of Independence. After that he was the govener of Massachusetts and the second president of the United States . Also Adams served in the Continental Congress. The last thing he did was find the committee of corespondents for Boston. That was the last run for Adams and died October 2 1803.


I told you Sam Adams had a great life. He had a great childhood you know with Harvard and all that impressive stuff. Sam being a patriot was the most interesting thing I have seen all year. Finally him in office a lot of people think Sam wrote the Declaration of Independence but it was not Adams it was Thomas Jefferson. Thank you for reading and hope you enjoyed it.



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Patriot- A soldier that fights for his or her country

Brewery- A place where people work who make alcohol

Debate- A disscusion between two people that express different opinion