March to the Sea

Burning of the South

Simple Facts About it!

  1. May of 1864
  2. Done by William Tecumseh Sherman
  3. Ordered by President Lincoln
  4. 60 mile wide march through the South, burning any military goods that would help the South continue fighting
  5. Used to punish the citizens and soliders of the CSA for starting the war

What Happened

During this March?

Sherman's March to the Sea was an example of total war, which was a favorite war tactic of Sherman. During this march, he burned the city of Atlanta, Georgia to the ground, many Southern farms and plantations. This destroyed most of the South and after this had been excecuted, the Southern economy was in shambles.

Fun Fact:

Sherman liked the city of Savannah so much to where he didn't burn it down during his march through the South