Come to the Rainforest

By Clayton Johnson, Alton Udeh, Kennady Clark, Austin Smith

Things to do!

In our beautiful region of rainforest, what cant you do! You can take a romantic walk through a flower filled forest. You can see all of our lushous forests like our large flowers and large vines. You can pick natural growing beutifull cocoa beans and eat them later on. The multiple layers of the rainforest cause for very little light on the forest floor so if you like the dark, we got you when it comes to hiking.

2/3 rds of our plant species on earth come from our tropical rain forest. So you are bound to see a bunch of very uneque plants. You will see the beautiful flower the bromalid every place you go. You can see so many things and so many beauifull plants.

You can see so many beautiful animals such as the blue macaw, the tucan, the malakite kingfisher, and many, many more. When you come to the rainforest, you are bound to see a bird you have never seen before. If your a bird watcher, this is your paradise.

Travel Tips

Rainforests have a tempature that rarely ever gets higher than 93F and no lower than 68F. So it perfect weather to relax in my opinion.

The average humidity is between 77%-b 88% rainfall is often more 100 inches a year. So its about as humid as Texas in the summer so it not too bad.

There is usually a brief season of less rain, almost like a mini- drought.

In the monsoonal areas, the dry season is more severe. Which is when you don't want to be in any rainforest. The best time of year to go is usually before or after the rainy season. This will depend on how close the rainforest is close to the equator and what part of the world you are in. The dry season or mid- summer gets extremely hot and humid.

The seasons fall, the beginning of the spring months and winter are the best times to go also because of the milder temperatures.

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Places to travel too

Less than 2% of our earths surface is rainforest. That number is decreasing day by day from deforestation. As that goes down, the less of a chance you have to visit our beautiful biome of the rainforest.

The best places to visit the rainforest is Brazil, Costa Rica, the Congo, Madagascar, and New Gunia. Those are all close the equator witch is why they are rainforest. The closer they are to the rainforest, the more luscious the forest is. The warm weather is key to rain because the heat evaporates the water more for more rain and clouds.

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Things to be aware of

Snakes are very poisons in the rainforests. The pythons are not poisonous but can strangle you so I recommend you carry a gun or go with a guide when you go hiking. The rainforest is also a home for thousands of species of insects so when you sleep at night, make sure you have a net. The miskitos are bad at night no matter were you are and you don't want to catch malaria.

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Interesting Facts

There is a myth in the rainforest called Eli Tunichi. It is the protector of the rainforest. It is said to be the spirits of people who died in the rainforest and they protect it. The rainforest produces a lot of oxygen considering its size related to the planet. Also, a chunk of rainforest the size of a football field is destroyed every second. That is why we need to plant back so many trees. Giant bamboo can grow 9 inches a day so you can plant one on the first day and see how much it grows by the time you leave. The trees of the rainforest are so densely packed that it can take rain 10 minutes sometimes to reach the ground.

A cool nickname of our rainforest is the lungs of our planet.

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Cool animals

You can see one of the collets animals on the planet... A MONKEY! They are the cutestmost awesome animals on the planet. They are so smart and so funny. They love to eat bananas but they are very dangerous in real life so be carrelful around them in the wild.

Some cool plants are the Bromeliads, Cocoa, and the heliconia flower. There are so many others that you can see but those are by far the most beautiful in my opinion. The Bromalaid has very vibrant colors and has a sweet smell. Cocoa is natural. It is the most amazing food on this earth. I love chocolate witch you can make our of a natural cocoa bean. The heliconia flower is most elaborate flower I have ever seen. It has a spiral like pattern and has two bright collors. Yellow and orange. They are so vibrant an beautiful.

There are also venis fly traps witch trap so small insects and is a sight to see. Also the rainforest is known for its vines. The vines are hanging everywhere and are so cool to see real ones every were you go.

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Best Places to Visit the Rainforst

The best and most beautiful places to go visit the rainforest are Madagascar, Coasta Rica, and Brazil. Those are very beautiful places to go and visit. They have the more lushous forests.

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Have a great vacation!!!!!!