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Going from Good to Great - November 2015

Kindergarten News

During November we have worked on letter sounds, first sound fluency and retelling stories. We have been talking the past and present and how people change. We are learning about the weather and how dress appropriately. In math we are working on numbers 11-20. We are learning to count by touching objects or marking them in some way.

Please be sure to read every night with your child. It is very important to start reading early. That will help instill a love of reading in your child.

Be sure to send your child in tennis shoes or shoes that are appropriate for the playground. Enjoy your holiday!

1st Grade News

This month we have taken the upcoming Thanksgiving holiday to teach a part of history and compare the past to the present. We are reading stories and taking a close look at the characters and what clues we can gather about them.
In math we are beginning place value (numbers in base ten).

Make sure you are reading with you child each night and discussing the story you read.

Student Council Information

Hurley Elementary students will be holding Student Council elections this Friday, November 20th. Students are required to complete the application process and have a parent signature before running. Candidates must maintain at least a "C" average and represent model behavior within the classroom as well as the school building. We are looking forward to holding our first ever Student Council elections!
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3rd Grade News

Dear Parents/ Guardians,

As we start into the second quarter, new and exciting changes are upon us. Students are going to begin switching classes to ensure all students are prepared for success during this challenging year. We know that many of you have questions about this transition and we would like to take a moment to explain a few of the changes.

1. Homework Folder: Last week, we sent home a note asking for paper folders. I know a lot of parents had difficulty finding these folders. In order to help all students, third grade teachers purchased folders for all students. These folders should be in this week. They have four pockets (math, language arts, science, and social studies) so that your child will only have to keep up with one folder, and students can stay organized at the same time. Thank you to those of you that sent in the folders last week. We will be sending them home for you to return to the store.

2. Homework: Homework, for the most part, will stay the same for your child. Please make sure that you continue to check the folder that we are providing to ensure that all homework is complete. Please check over your child’s homework to ensure accuracy and understanding.

3. Weekly Folders: Students will no longer bring home a weekly folder. The folder that we are providing for the students will also have all the graded work inside of it. Please go over any missed questions on your child’s graded work. This will help to ensure that they are understanding the topic. Any graded work, that does not say “Correct and return,” can be kept at home.

4. Behavior: Students will be expected to continue to follow the classroom and school rules in every classroom that they are in. In order to keep up with behavior, third grade teachers have signed up to use ClassDojo. This is a behavioral management app on the iPad. All third grade teachers will have access to it and they will add points for good behavior or take away points for behavior that needs to be improved upon. Students will have access to their points so that they can keep up with them. PARENTS will also have access to the points as well. We will be sending home instructions this week so that you can sign up and stay up-to-date with your child’s behavior throughout the day.


Students are aware that their parents can monitor their behavior through the day. Try creating a game with your child and reward them if they get a certain number of points throughout the day/week. We will also be using these points for classroom rewards as well!

5. Questions/ Concerns: If you have any questions, please contact your child’s teacher or administration.

Mrs. Ashley Illiano:

Mrs. Madelyne Burris:

Mrs. Karen Anderson

Mrs. Sohanna Breeden

Thank you for your continuous support!

Third Grade Team

4th Grade News

Before the big turkey day we will continue to find our favorite strategy for multiplying and we will dive into division.

5th Grade News

Fifth grade is moving right along this school year. We are continuing to improve our reading skills using novels, guided reading, Achieve 3000, Discovery Education, and Big Universe. Please have your child read to you and listen to what great readers they are becoming! In math, our focus is on multiplication and division. We are relating these skills to our everyday life and problem solving together. Social studies is all about our nation and how it got started. Our founding fathers have laid the ground work and it is up to us to continue on. Science focus is on the human body systems and how they relate and work together. As the holiday season approaches, may we all be thankful and blessed.