By: Anthony Horowitz

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Theme 1

One of the themes in this book in my mind is revenge is bitter sweet. Alex is faced with a difficult decision get revenge for his uncles death or not do anything and go on with his life. The man who killed Alexs uncle kills the man who is about to kill Alex and Alex watches him fly into the sunset.

Theme 2

Every person will lie and try to cover it up is the second theme of this book. Some of the examples in this book is when Alex told Sayle his real name and then covers it up by saying his name is really Felix but his friends call him Alex. Another example is when he was searching the house and Nadia Vole caught him he said he was trying to find the bathroom and she was lying to and said that the room he was about to go into was just the generator room and both of them were telling lies to cover up the truth behind the door.

How they Interact

In order for Alex to avenge his uncles death he has to lie to keep people from finding out that what he really is. He is a spy and has to lie to keep the mission from failing. In the end he doesnt get the revenge that he wanted because he was saved by the guy who killed his uncle. That is how I think the two interact.