What It's Like To Live By The Nile

By: Rachel Lutz

Locations Near the Nile:

There are many locations near the Nile but some stick out more than others. One of the many is the Aswan Dam. The Aswan Dam was built between 1960-1970. It's located in Aswan, Egypt and was built to stop the flooding in Egypt and to provide hydroelectric energy. The Nile River is near the Aswan Dam, the Aswan Dam does not pollute the Nile but Egypt has had a decreased amount of fish. This structure was built from turbines.

Another great thing near the Nile is the Nile Delta. The Nile Delta is where the Nile River empties into the Mediterranean Sea. The Nile Delta is the widest point on the coast. The Nile travels 100 miles from Cairo, Egypt until it reaches the Nile Delta. The delta began forming thousands of years ago.

Cairo, Egypt is a very important place near the Nile. It's a big city that the Nile goes straight though the city. It takes about 600 miles to reach the Aswan Dam from Cairo. Cairo has a huge population, about 11 million people. Cairo, Egypt gets most of the water that is from the Nile.

One last amazing place is Khartoum, Sudan. Khartoum is where the Nile splits up into the Blue and White Nile. In another point of view it's where the Blue and White Nile connect and come together to create the Nile river. For a little while, the Blue and White Nile water don't mix. You can tell when they mix because the Blue Nile's water is darker.

Great Places!