By: Cynthia Bagley-Horner

How does dancing help?

Dancing helps you remember dances, counting beats and measures for certain dances. It gets your heart going in a fun manner. It helps you take your mind off bad things while jamming out to your favorite One Direction song room while cleaning. I have found that you tend to get things done faster when you are listening to music and dancing because you are picking things up to the beat of the music and you are more motivated to do things that need to get done.

Physical Health

Dancing can help every muscle in your body if you really want to work out all of your muscles. There are different types of dances that work you out more than other dances. It keeps you in fit, and there are different types for different people like..

-Ballroom dancing


-Tap dancing


There are many more, those are just the main ones.

Emotional Health

When dancing, you can express how you are feeling. There are A LOT of types of dancing and doing it can get you going and help you express your emotions without actually talking.

Intellectual Health

Dancing helps you learn things quickly. You have continue counting in your head to keep up with choreography. You have to remember dances and choreography and remembering them helps improve your memory.

Mental Health

Dancing can and most of the time will help pull you out of a bad mood, or depression because you are getting up and working out your muscles and body in a fun way. It's not just going on a run. You are using your mind remember things and using creativity to come up with new dances.