Quarter 3 Week 2


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Your career choice will involve many tradeoffs. Click on the link and explore various careers. Click on the picture (career) that you're interested in ... click on again a picture (career) that sounds interesting to you ... answer the following
1. in a nutshell ... summarize what the career is about
2. give one good thing about the career
3. one bad thing about the career
4. one skill you need for this job type
5. how do you get in to this career ?
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Concert tickets

click on the link and find a concert you're interested in attending ( Rolling Stones anyone?). Research the total price of 2 tickets. On your assignment page, list the concert and the prices. Next explain whether or not you believe purchasing these tickets online is actually cheaper or more expensive and why !!
summarize the costs of owning a pet and give your opinion on whether or not the costs are worth it
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Book Questions
Chapter 2
Define the following terms.
1. Standard of living
2. Safety net
3. Karl Marx
4. Laissez faire
5. Continuum
6. Privatize
7. Product market
8. Factor market
9. How do a traditional, a market economy, a command economy, and a mixed economy differ?
10. Why aren't all people paid the same amount in factor payments for the resources they provide?
Provide your own example of two unequal factor payments
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toxic waste

How do you feel about pollution? Toxic waste? What are the economic consequences of all the pollution we generate?

click on the link about toxic waste then click on the orange button discussion board then start a link and describe how you feel and respond to 2 other links from different people (your link should be a minimum of 20 words )