Poetry Slam

Insecurities (connection to Maggie)

What am I supposed to do?

When you feel like the whole world is watching you,
trapped in a cycle of never ending doubt,
judging your every move like you're part of a beauty pageant,
picking out all of your incoherent insecurities and flaws.

Always trying to tear down your already fragile wall,
as if that will make them any prettier.
My emotions are an unavoidable hurricane,
spinning faster than I can comprehend,
destroying everything in my way.

While I constantly try to make peace with the negativity,
it dawns upon me that there are rainbows after the worst storms,
and we dream the best dreams at 2am when it's loneliest,
I must not let my inner monster swallow me whole,
I am good enough for this world.

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Mean Girls Clip 2