Savine Gomez


In crazy land we have the most beautiful relaxing beaches ever .There is a candy shop where there is candy every where you turn .Next door you see Starbucks and a Jack in the Box .At my system we have cheap things .You can skydive and land in the water ,you can swim with the dolphins and seals .In my system we also use the action of bartering.


In CRAZY LAND we do the most interesting activities .The way you get what you want is by trading .Money is not a problem here because it does not exist.In CRAZY LAND we barter .My friend Seniora Burbuja is the one in charge .People are paid with whatever they have always wanted in life.


A con of my system is that they lack government intervention. meaning that the production owned by private firms.Inherited Wealth and Wealth inequality. A capitalist society is based on legal right to private property and the ability to pass on to future generations.
The Capitalism Cartoon!
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