Oregon Trail

Why did they go


Just imagine packing up everything you have to move to unknown land.

General description

The Oregon trail was one of the most used trail to get from around Illinois to Oregon around the 1840's. But later some people considered the Oregon trail the California trail because people started to head to California for the gold rush trying to make a living. People on the trail where usually in wagons and or walking.

Impact on Native Americans

Not all Indians were nice - some were mean people that would steal and kill people. But the settlers all together ended up killing more Indians than the Indians killed settlers. But some were nice and traded many items with the pioneers to help each other survive

Impact on different groups of people

The Oregon Trail was good for the pioneers because they were looking for a new start and they didn't know that at one point in time they would be an important part of American history. They met many new groups of people and got help and helped each other. And it impacted them because it let them restart their lives and create a new future.

Impact on our Nation

The Oregon Trail affected our nation by leaving ruts in the trail they used and influenced many more people to restart and move from their old state. With everyone leaving their old cities and towns there was then empty ghost towns and vacant cities left where people used to live.

Why Go? (Subtopic)

The reason the people moved was because they were in the need of new farmland and a new start.

Key people/individuals or groups of people

The Oregon trail included pioneers from the east such as New York all the way to Illinois and they all set travel to the Oregon Trail for a new future and better fields for planting and farming.


It was clear and meant to be for the pioneers that god wanted them to move west and settle in Oregon and California. Also that they needed a new start to their lives.