Transition Plus Sep 24

Hello Autumn...I'm ready for hoodies and cold nights

A friendly reminder: If you have information that needs to go out to the whole staff, and it can wait until Monday, submit it to be included in the MMM. We are trying to cut down on all staff emails.

Instructional Leadership Team

ILT met on Friday and discussed many of the Awesome things we are doing in our building.

ILT team is continuing to look at our meeting practices, procedures and will continually try to improve our meeting and team structures. We discussed PDP/PD/SIP Alignment and will discuss PDP at our next team/data meetings.

The ILT team is also planning for next school year and discussing course options and how to best meet the needs of our students.

If you have any questions or comments please talk to a ILT team member.

Student Schedules

Just a reminder for case managers: if you have students with an altered schedule, please let Rachel know, so she can drop the appropriate courses.

This is important for accurate attendance.

Students who have been assigned to worksites have been dropped from their classes that overlap with their working hours. If a student returns in the middle of a class period, they will remain on that hour's class roster and will need attendance taken when they return.

Student Folders

If you still have any student folders (completed or not) please return them to Traci or Melissa in the office

New building update

As we are moving to the new building, I know there are questions about the details.

On September 18th our PD meeting will be talking about the move and what that will look like. Chad Carr will be joining us to be able to help with details about packing and the move.

Our tour dates have been postponed as the time we were originally scheduled for will be quite busy with completion of the building. We are hoping to get into the building the week of October 7th. Stay tuned for dates and times of tours for staff.

Coffee Plus Food Service News

Beginning this week Breakfast Sandwiches will be sold each Wednesday morning during 1st period and on the Coffee Plus Cart. Sandwiches will be $2.50. Sandwiches are sausage, egg and cheese. Special orders can be placed ahead of time or by coming to the Food Service room on Wednesday morning. We can provide turkey sausage, meatless and GF options.

Students will be selling Banana Pudding Dessert on CBI Friday from 1:30-2:30 outside of the C183 kitchen. This delicious dessert is attributed to a recipe brought in by one of our own Food Service students. The price for a generous piece of dessert will be $2.00.

Remember you can place an order with Food Service for just about any baked item. We can supply cookies for meetings, cakes for birthdays and specialty items for the holidays. Just talk to Tia or Jill. Students will be designing an order form in the near future.

Let's get social!

We are up and going on all platforms!

Please be sure to friend and/or follow us! If you have pictures or activities you like to share send the info to Melissa.

Sensory-Friendly Family Concerts

The Schubert Club is offering two upcoming sensory friendly concerts; one is October and one in February. See the attached flyer for more information.
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Equity Follow Up

Rie Gilsdorf has shared with us the 17 questions from the professional development day on August 24th. If you are interested in the 17 questions Click Here.

They are under a Creative Commons license, so as long as you include the Creative Commons citation you can use and distribute for free.

Rie put a link on that sheet to the Presencing Institute's official set of questions (a bit different, but layed out more like a lesson plan with preparation and follow up suggestions).

The Field of the Future visualization is not on their site, which means they are holding it a bit closer to the vest. Anyone can sign up for the ULab Massive Online Open Course (MOOC), where it will be presented in the very first live session on September 20 - it will be recorded as well so course participants can watch at their convenience.

Here is the link to the 90-minute, self-paced introductory course, open now:

And here is the link to the full ULab 4-month course, registration open now and coursework opening September 13:

Please consider defining who your equity partner is for conversation to review items and topics that come up throughout the year.

Jess Finney Guthrie Teaching Artist

Hi all! I trust the school year is off to a great start. As many of you know, I'm a Guthrie Teaching Artist who will be in residence at Transitions Plus this school year. Our goal with the Guthrie Education Network is to foster an environment where students and staff alike can Think Like an Artist: engaging creative problem solving, critical thinking, and self-expression skills. I also have many years experience teaching with Upstream Arts, where I have used the arts to work on social and communication skills with students of varied abilities. My theatrical background is in directing and stage managing, I have been a teaching artist for over 10 years, and I am also a Licensed Associate Marriage and Family Therapist who specializes in trauma treatment and sees clients part-time so I have a unique understanding of some of what shows up in the classroom on a daily basis for students and staff.

As we build this partnership, one of the main things I can offer is collaboration with you on arts engagement strategies to use in the classroom. This might look like me doing some co-teaching in your classroom on a particular unit or number of lessons. Or it might look like us brainstorming ideas during your planning period for you to try out and me offering some coaching from an arts integration standpoint. And it might look like me bringing in additional artists to speak to students on a particular topic. We are also in the midst of planning a field trip or two to see shows at the Guthrie this season.

I'll be in the building most Mondays and Thursdays through 4th period, with a few exceptions when I have other projects going on or there are school release days. I won't be able to work with every student and every teacher this year, but if you are interested in collaborating with me please don't hesitate to reach out. Even if you know "Oh, I have a unit that I'll be teaching in the spring and I know I'd like to incorporate music more intentionally." I'll be reaching out to some of you as well in the coming weeks. Email is the best way to contact me - I'm looking forward to connecting and collaborating as we move further into the school year and eventually into the new building!

Thanks and take care,


With two weeks left on Round 1 of CBI Modules, it is a good time to finalize teacher partnerships and nail down appointments for Round 2. As a reminder, teachers are expected to lead two rounds of modules per semester (rds1&2, or rds1&3, or rds2&3). Modules should be an extension of what is being taught in classes. Lesson plans are needed to schedule a school bus.

Please email the following information to Colleen by October 1:

1. Round 2 Module plans with teacher partnerships

Module Name: Teachers:

    • Oct 12
    • Oct 26
    • Nov 9
    • Nov 16
    • Nov 30

2. A brief 3-5 sentence description of the Module goals (what can students expect in your module). The descriptions will help advisors and students place themselves without doing the introductory rotations.

3. If ESPs have a skill they'd like to facilitate on Friday afternoons from 1:30 - 3:30, let me know! We can try it out for 5 weeks.

3b. Students want to lead a club? Let's try it out! (Calling all leadership class students!!!)

Need Some Extra materials?

Do you need some extra materials for your room?

DO you have an innovative idea you need funded?

Nat is the new T-Plus grant writer!

Let them know about your great ideas that need funding through this Google Form. They'll be in touch soon!

Wobble Chair

Bentley Storlie has a wobble chair he is willing to give to a teacher who may need it for their student. If you think your student could benefit from this either see Ben or e-mail him directly.

SEAs wanting extended time

Cheryl Blood, Office Manager of Special Education and Health Services, is looking for 2 SEAs interested in assisting with childcare at the Parent Engagement meeting that will be happening on Tuesday, October 2nd from 5:00-8:00pm at the Davis Center.

SEAs interested in earning 3 hours of extended time by assisting with childcare should contact Cheryl at x85438.

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