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For the week of December 8

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Click here to volunteer in our classroom

New dates are available. If you can't come for the whole scheduled time, you are always welcome to come for part of it. Just sign up on the calendar and send me an email of the times you can come.


Last Week

Thank you for your patience last week, I was sick with bronchitis, my cat had to have emergency surgery and my sister had a planned surgery. Let's just say I'm glad it's a new week! :) The substitutes all gave compliments about how well behaved the kids were and how much they enjoyed working with them. Thanks!

Winter Party

Our class Winter Party will be on Friday, December 19 from 10:00-10:45. Parents are invited to attend.

Polar Express- Friday, December 12

Hopefully everyone got the Polar Express Day permission slip last week. Please sign and return it so that your child can participate in the festivities. It is so much fun and the kids LOVE the excitement and anticipation of the day!

Remember on Friday students will need/ can bring:

  • a cookie
  • pajamas
  • slippers to change into
  • a stuffed animal
  • favorite holiday book (an addition)

Please contact me if you have any questions.

Learning this Week


We will continue to work on nonfiction comprehension skills:

  • Get ready to read a nonfiction text by previewing the headings
  • Use context clues, author-given definitions, and text features to figure out the meaning of new
  • Determine the meaning of unknown vocabulary words
  • Name and utilize text features
  • Read fluently (smoothly, and without getting stuck on tricky words)
  • Self-monitor comprehension and reread as necessary
  • Identify an author’s purpose for writing a text
  • Explain how ideas in a text are connected to each other


We are right in the middle of trying to "publish" our nonfiction books. Students are all in different places in this process. Students may be bringing books home to work on them throughout the week. PLEASE make sure that they bring the book and all the materials back to school the following day.


We will continue to work on two-digit addition and begin working on subtraction. Our focus will start on reviewing strategies and then move into basic facts and multi-digit subtraction with regrouping.


Monday- Day 1- PE (Tennis shoes)

Tuesday- Day 2- Art- Don't forget to send in library books

Wednesday- Day 3- Music
Thursday- Day 1- PE (Tennis shoes)

Friday- Day 2- Art

Websites and apps we've been using


Kid's Planet Discovery

Kodable- helps students learn about logical sequencing and basic computer programing


Hour of Code resources and activities-

Spelling City-

Here are the website links I talked about at conferences. You can choose activities based on the NWEA scores. Feel free to go outside of the NWEA score range. (Either higher or lower if needed.)

NWEA/MAP Math Activities (according to NWEA/MAP score in the areas of Numbers and Operations, Data Analysis, Geometry & Measurement and Algebra)

NWEA/MAP Reading Activities (according to NWEA/MAP Reading score in the areas of Informational Text, Foundational Skills and Vocabulary, Literature)