What is the Cost of Pursuing a Dream..

The Cost

Pursuing a dream comes with many sacrifices. Honesty or should I say lack of honesty is a major factor in the decay of morality for people pursuing a dream. When a goal is set, almost anything in the way of it will become a lower priority and in many cases it will be honesty.


Many sacrifices must be taken to reach a goal. Morality may not be the most important factor when reaching a goal. In "The Great Gatsby", Nick said he was one of the few honest people he knew, but once he got caught up in the pursuit to his dream even his honesty seemed to disappear by the end of his trek of reaching a dream. Nick is able to accept Gatsby and his other friends lack of honesty whilst they were bootlegging which could be one cause to his loss of honesty. Similar to the large business owners and workers in "The Inside Job", there is proof that the extravagant life is detrimental to their well being and honesty. Executives in the film exposed the business for large scale industry for lying to raise themselves to the top. "In Gordon Gekko : Greed is Good" he knows that wanting things is human nature, but he sees that after a long time lack of honesty got to him and he was convicted of many crimes later in his career. Honesty is lost while reaching a goal but it should be kept because it is key to morality and well being.

Real Life Messages

In the Inside Job many real life Executives that are living their dream know how detrimental lying is. The fact that they reached their goal with dishonest morality is a major strike to pride and well being for them. Same with "Gordon Gekko : Greed is Good" Though he is happy and is living his dream, his honesty costed him love, family and much more along with loss of pride.


In the Great Gatsby and Gordon Gekko: Greed is Good, characters from both agree that there is much more than their dream. Nick from Great Gatsby looses his whole set of morals from trying to pursue a dream and Gordon Gekko loses a lot of what he loves. The fact that there is much to be pondered before trying to pursue a dream may not be thought about because the dream is too important.

The cost

In the Great Gatsby there is proof that Nicks morality was drained in the process of pursuing a dream. Bootlegging is strictly dishonest and against the law, there is many people who have anonymously exposed the reality of pursuing a dream. By being dishonest, there will be upsides that will take you further in the business world, but it is a lack of morality and will catch up to ones self soon enough.


The Great Recession Cost us all 30 Trillion shows that there is much to be noticed about the business world that is hidden from the general public. Similar to the Inside job, there is a lot hidden that the public does not see, which is technically dishonesty. Though they may reach their dream there will be negative results soon enough


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