Day 2 - All About Jamberry Nails

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OFFICIAL Jamberry Nails Application Video

You probably have everything you already need!

The Jamberry wrap application process is truly simple, and it gets even easier with each time you apply! All you need is: scissors, a file, a cuticle stick, a heat source and your Jamberry nail wraps! In this photo you see our new Jamberry application kit (cuticle oil included) that provides you "everything you need" all in one adorable purple bag! Have you tried to buy a make-up bag lately? Ours is a steal compared to what you see on the shelves lately...and you get all the goodies inside!

Check out MY favorite things in this video!!!

Favorite Products

You're probably thinking "okay these are cute, but why are they better than what I see in the stores?" - here are some of your answers!

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This little heater will change your wrap application! If you really want a perfect application you need this little cutie! It is about the size of an iPhone 5! It was created specifically for our wrap applications, so it provides perfect heat, perfect air force, and comes in a beautiful purple color! It is so quiet that you can use it while having conversations and watching tv! You can certainly use a blow dryer to apply our wraps, but it won't be quiet as easy, and you may lose some hearing! :)
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Salon Quality Nail Lacquer

Are you a polish lover? Did you watch my "Favorite Things" video? If you did, then you saw that our nail lacquer WON a polish context against $50 bottles! Our lacquer is simply amazing! It is chip-resistant, highly pigmented, dries quickly, and most importantly is 5 FREE!

If you are concerned about what chemicals go on your body then you'll be thrilled to know that our polish is "5 free" - free of Toluene, Formaldehyde, DBP, Camphor and Formaldehyde Resin! This is the only polish I feel safe applying to my toddler!

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Whew - that was a lot to share!

Hopefully you aren't overwhelmed, but informed after today's newsletter! Jamberry has so much to offer to provide you a little pampering and a long lasting manicure!

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