Important Announcement!

Kayley Randall

Start a new life in Texas!

The mexican are colonizing Texas and would like Stephen F Austin to colonize 300 families in Texas! The land is great, and fertile! Also it has NEVER been touched by a plow! And get this! The land is .04 - 12.5 cents an acre! Amazing right? Also the amount of land you can purchase is outstanding! Farmers, you can buy an Labor which up to 177 acres! And ranchers, you can buy a Sitio up to 4,428 acres! Remember, there is only room for 300 families so hurry up before the spots are filled!!!

Traveling to Texas

Ways to travel to Texas

You could sail on a boat or ship, you could ride a horse or come by foot!
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Guidelines you have to follow

1. You must send a form of application to Stephen F Austin.

2. You must be a person of good moral character.

3. You must follow Mexican laws.

4. You must become a Mexican citizen.

5. You must convert to catholic and go to catholic church.

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Where to meet him

Meet Stephen F Austin at the Corner Store at 4:00. The corner store is located in San Felipe. I look forward to seeing you there!
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