Italian Research Project

By Michael I.

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Italy, the country of Pasta and Love

Italy is a country located in Southern England near France and Germany. The country is well-known for its large supply of pasta, as well as its many architectural accomplishments.

Italy's Population

Italy has a population of 60 million people as of 2012. Most of the population is located in Rome, with a population of 2 million. More than half of the country is classified as urban.
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Italy's Climate

Italy has a very interesting climate. In Tuscany, there is a very dry period during the summer. Most of the other cities of Italy have the same climate, but in the mountainous regions, it is cold mostly year round.
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Italy's Rainfall

Rainfall in Italy is the same as America. Less rainfall in the summer months and more rainfall in the winter months. This is because Italy and America are the same distance away from the equator.

Italy's Products

Italy has a number of products that are exported around the world. It is mostly known for its large amount of pasta and breads and other culinary delights like salad, fish, and spices.
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Italy's Flag

Italy's flag is a striped flag with three sections. One section is Green, one is white, and the other is red. Green stands for hope, white stands for peace, and red stands for valor. It was created back in January, 1948.
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Italy's Housing

Italy has a fine combination of the old and the new. Most of the houses in Rome and Sicily are a look into the past, back in the 1800's. In Southern Italy, new homes and villas.

Italian Languages

Italy has a wide variety of languages. They range from Germanic to other romance languages such as French and Spanish. Some other languages are Albanian and Greek. Albanian is spoken near the bottom of the boot. Greek is spoken near the toe of the boot.
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Italy's Art

Italy's art is one of its most important features. Some of its most important pieces, sculptures and paintings, are in most of the museums and cathedrals in Italy.

Italy's Religion

A large majority of Italians practice Catholic teachings. However, a very small amount of people in Italy believe in Muslim, Christian, or other religions.
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Italy's Government

Italy has a constitutional, parliamentary, and unitary government. Before 1948, Italy use to have a monarch, or a king/queen. Their government is comprised into three branches: the executive, or the President, the Judicial, or the Judges, and the Legislative, or the Law-makers.
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My favorite part about using Smores was the convenience. If I wanted to put in a line of text, all I had to do was click the Text button. If I want to put in some Italian Audio, all I have to do is press the Audio button. With other programs like PowerPoint, you need to learn how to do these things beforehand, making the process that much harder. I also liked the fact that I can put so much information on a small column instead of a page format.


The hardest part with Smores was finding out how to put in audio. Since Smores requires you to put in an audio URL from Soundcloud, which makes the amount of selection less


The most interesting thing about Italy for me was that Italy is such a culture rich country. Italy has a large amount of old buildings such as churches and museums, and other things such as paintings and sculptures dotted around the major cities. Since, the country dates back to the times of the Roman Empire, it is definitely full of items that show what it was like during those times.