Andrew Jackson hero or villain

by wyatt sloan

nullification crisis

There were 2 tariffs, the tariff of 1828 and tariff of 1832.The north loved tariffs because the south bought nothing but american made stuff.When south Carolina was told to pay taxes they threatened to leave the union. That's when congress passed the Force Bill which forces south Carolina to pay their taxes.The force bill gives Andrew Jackson the ability to use an army to force south Carolina to pay taxes.

Trail of tears

The Cherokee Indians live in the southeastern united states the Cherokee's land was desirable because they grew cotton and discovered gold. The Cherokee were forced off their land because of the discovery of gold. They were moved from Georgia all the way to Oklahoma. Along the way many Indians died, With the blessing of the U.S government, the Georgia militarily pushed the Cherokee west to Oklahoma along with the Choctaw,Chickasaw,Creek and Seminole Indians.

Indian removal act

President Andrew Jackson signed the Indian removal act. The removal act states that the U.S government can move any native american tribes to less desirable land west of the Mississippi river.In "exchange" for their land. the government used this act to use their land to strip it for gold and to grow cotton.

letter to editor:1 plantation owner (positive)

This is a positive affect for me. It was good for my business because of the gold that the Cherokee found. This good should be enough to pay South Carolina's taxes for good. I want to say thank you to president Andrew Jackson for getting the Indians to go away.May they have a safe walk all the to Oklahoma.

letter to editor:2 Cherokee (negative)

why would you send me and my family and friends packing up our stuff and leaving to Oklahoma? This is bad for us and our reputation and this is why we run around scalping your men when they intruded our land and our homes. When you forced us to leave our land we thought about scalping you. I blame you Andrew Jackson for killing my son the died while we were walking all the way to Oklahoma. I would like to say that using an army to scare Georgia to pay taxes you should just tell them that you are going to step down from being president.
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