Dynamic Diabetic

By Nicholas Brooks

Type One Diabetes

Type one diabetes usually occurs in the early years of a persons life.

What does it mean to have diabetes? Having type 1 diabetes mean your pancreas does not function correctly and is not able to secrete insulin.

Biology of Diabetes

Type one diabetes occurs in the body when the pancreas is not able to secrete insulin. If insulin is not able to be produced then the cells are not able to get energy because the glucose cannot get inside of the cell. Glucose is what gives the cell energy and when glucose cannot get inside of the cell it causes the body to get tired and cause several complications down the road if not treated correctly. The insulin is like the key that allows glucose to get inside of the cell.

This is a Good Diagram of how Glucose and Insulin Work Together.

Blood Sugar Monitoring

when you are a diabetic you have to prick your finger with a needle that reads your blood sugar, it will then tell you if your blood sugar is too high or too low. if your blood sugar is too low then you should drink or eat something to bring your blood sugar levels up. if your blood sugar is too high then it would be important to inject insulin so you dont become tired or light headed.

Exercise is a Big Part of Maintaining your Diabetes

the severity of activity depends on your blood sugar level, when you exercise vigorously a hormone is released that produces blood sugar, so just do what you feel good with but exercise is essential to a healthy diabetic lifestyle. exercise can also lower your blood sugar levels because your body/cells become more responsive to insulin.

a Few Examples of Good Exercises

Delicious Diets

some good foods to eat for a diabetic are beans, dark green leafy vegetables, sweet potatoes and other generally healthy food. some drinks that are good for a diabetic are diet sodas, coffee, unsweetened teas, and water are generally good for a diabetic. a good breakfast for a diabetic is a fruit smoothie made with whole milk, greek yogurt and frozen fruit. Eggs are also a good protein filled option for breakfast.

Need Help? Look no Further.

A psychologist can help you get more motivated and help you feel better about yourself if you have diabetes, they can also help you understand that others are going through the same thing and how to be happy with diabetes.

An endocrinologist is an important person to meet with because they specialize in knowing and treating diabetes.

A dietitian is someone who specializes in nutrition and helps find ways to increase your health by giving you a diet plan that you can follow to help you get healthier.

Call for more Information

for someone who is a dietitian, trainer, endocrinologist, psychologist and world renown surgeon contact dr/trainer/Ph Nicholas Brooks


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