Written by: Carl Deuker ...... Flyer by: Lindsey B


Runner is a book about a boy named Chance. He lives in Seattle, Washington on a small boat with his alchoholic dad who recently lost his job. In order to keep his home, Chance must find a better paying job. But when he gets a job that has really good pay, Chance finds himself in a life-threatening situation.

About the Author

While growing up, Carl Deuker was really into sports, he played baseball, golf, and football. He went to college at the University of California. He also has a daughter named Marian. Carl Deuker is also the author of The Devil's Court, Heart of a Champion, Night Hoops, Painting The Black, High Heat, Runner, Gym Candy, and Payback Time.

Final Reflection

Why do you think the author chose to write this novel? What was the biggest lesson to be learned?

I think the author wrote this book to express the issues of terrorism and smuggling. The lesson that I learned is no matter how much money you get, you should always do the right thing.

What might be some possible themes for this novel?

I think one of the themes is definatly the struggle with terrorism. I think this because the book was pretty much based on terrorism.

Will Chance break free from the terrorists?

What will happen to Chance's father?

Find out by reading the novel RUNNER


The book Runner takes place in Seattle, washington. The main character lives in a small boat with his father who is an alchoholic and lost his job.