Monday Memo

September 21st - 25th

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Picture Collage

I am putting together a picture collage for the Cheer trophy case in the front of school and for our new bulletin board in the cafeteria. If you have some cute pictures from this year (camp, games, first day of school in your front yard, etc.) please print, email, or send them on a USB so that we can use them. Thank you.

We need a new Run-Thru Banner for football games.

If you have had a chance to see our banner in the past 3 years, it is very difficult to read, and it does not stay up in the wind. We have money in our account to purchase a new one, but I am looking for a printing company to use. If you know of a good company that can print a high quality banner that will withstand wind (and possibly give us a discount), please let me know ASAP.


Upcoming Events:

**After school practices on Monday will continue after football season is over. Monday is now our Team Tumbling Day with Coach King.

September 22nd - Football Game - Bring your $42.00 if you haven't yet.

September 25th - Middle School Night (8th Grade only) @ VHS

September 29th - Football Game

Tuesday Night Lights

We will cheer from 5:00PM -8:15PM, at both the A & B team games. They will have some down time during the games to rest, get a snack, water & use the restroom. The cheerleaders will be released at 8:30PM or when the last game is over (whichever comes first). It is important that you arrive by 8:30 to pick up your cheerleader/mascot. Last week the game ended at 7:45PM.

Forms were sent home last week for team dinners, please get them turned with $$ by tomorrow.. The team dinners are optional, however your cheerleader/mascot must have dinner brought to school by 4:05 if you opt out of a team dinner.

** Let's spark up the spirit***

We have some mini spirit stick noise makers for our audience to use during the games, and we'd love for everyone to show off their Falcon team gear.

Middle School Night - September 25th (8th grade only)

The 8th grade cheerleaders from FPMS and CRMS are invited to participate in the Viper Walk with the VHS cheerleaders before their Friday Night Lights, and then cheer on the field for the 1st quarter of the game.

This is an optional event for our 8th grade cheerleaders.

  1. Meet at VHS Cheer Gym @ 6:00PM with your poms, ready to go.
  2. If you have a backpack /bag/purse leave it on the track with the other cheer stuff before meeting at the gym.
  3. Wear Uniform, purple bow, hair may be half-up or pony, cheer shoes, and make-up.
  4. Bring your Poms