" plant green and the world will be clean"

Why you should go green

You should go green because it is better for you and your family, and it is and safer for the envorment. Without plants, life as we know it will be gone we need plants to survive because they help us breathe. Plants start by taking the light from the sun and uses it to speprate the oxgyen and hydrogen, cardon dixoide partical to make glucose and oxgyen. All planst needs water and carbon dixode to make their food and our air. After the plant uses the sunlight,water, and carbon dixiode it produces glucose and oxgyen. The forumal for photosynthesis is 6 h2o +6 co2 -> sunlight = c6 h12 o6 +6 o2.

chloroplasts is what makes photosynthesis is happens.

The importance of Plants

Plants get their energy from glucose (the food they make). Plants are important to animals because of the food prymide they are the producers with out producers the hole pyramid would be unbalanced.Without prouducers we wouldn't have consomers and without those first level comsomers no animals would be alive. At the begining of the food chain are plants.