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September 1, 2022

ATTENDANCE LINE (920) 662-7875

When reporting an absence, please call our school’s attendance line at 920-662-7875 prior to the start of each school day.



September 9, 2022

See the flyer for more information.

Retake Day: October 14, 2022


When picking up your child early from school, the person picking up will need to come into the office and provide proof of identification (Driver's License).

You will need to come into the office any time you pick up before the end of the school day, but will only need to provide your license the first time so it can be scanned into the system.

If someone other than a parent/guardian or emergency contact is picking up, the parent/guardian must call to give permission for a one-time pick up. They will also need to provide proof of identification upon arrival.


Please see the links below for more information about Cross Country. Practices begin on Tuesday, September 6th after school.

Cross Country Sign Up Form '22-23

Cross Country Expectations

CC Practice Schedule

CC Meet Schedule

T-shirt link


Lineville Choir News

The Lineville Choir Department has exciting news to share! We are excited to announce that Mr. Pufall will be joining the team. Mr. Pufall and Mrs. Doelger will be team teaching 6th Grade Choir this year with Mr. Pufall being the lead 6th Grade Choir teacher. Mrs. Doelger will continue to teach 5th Grade Choir and 6th Grade General Music. Please extend a warm welcome to Mr. Pufall!

Choir School Supplies - there are no additional supplies needed for choir students. However, please note that the Lineville School supply list does include headphones or earbuds. It is important that your child has a pair to keep at school. There are times your child will need their headphones or earbuds for choir.

If you have questions you can email Mrs. Doelger (5th Grade) or Mr. Pufall (6th Grade)

History of Popular Music

Students enrolled in History of Popular Music should have a folder or small binder (to be used only for this class) to keep all of their work in. Students will also need headphones or earbuds. Please note, headphones or earbuds are listed under the Lineville School Supply list. They do not need a second pair for the class.

If you have questions please email Mrs. Doelger


Free Meals to End June 13, 2022

If you are eligible for Free and Reduced Meals and have not yet completed an application for this school year (2022-23), please apply using this link. Free & Reduced Meals

Click on this link for the September LUNCH MENU


School fees will not be posted in RevTrak to be paid until November 1st for all schools. Watch for a future communication to pay fees.


Want to know more about literacy at Lineville? Check out the following link: Lineville Literacy Brochure

If you have any questions please feel free to contact Katie Williams at or Sherry McCarthy at


The Giving Tree is excited for a new school year! More than 600 students were invited to our Back-to-School event in early August! These students received school supplies, backpacks, socks and underwear. Students were also given oral health care bags, had the opportunity to sign up for in-district dental care, and signed up for free or reduced meal benefits through our School Nutrition department. If you think you may qualify for support from The Giving Tree, please reach out to Kourtney Feldhausen at or call 920-662-7989.

This month we are collecting jars of peanut butter. Please feel free to send donations with your students to put in the collections bins/carts near the main office of school. Items can also be dropped off during school hours. The Giving Tree appreciates the community support in helping ensure food is not a barrier to a student’s education.


Lamers Bus Lines will be mailing a postcard to your home with your child’s bus number, pick-up/drop-off times and location.

All students will be picked up and dropped off at their designated stop assigned by Lamers. If your child has a different pick-up/drop-off location other than home, you will need to fill out a Change of Transportation form available online on the home page under “Transportation” or click here. This form MUST be on file before the first day of school.

Students CANNOT take a different bus home unless there is an emergency situation. Contact Lamers AND the Lineville Office for approval. Bus drivers CANNOT accept notes from parents.

​*** Please make sure students know their bus number to ride home. ***

Contact Lamers with any other questions at ​434-5100 ext 2.


WHERE: Weyers-Hilliard Library-Meeting Rooms 2680 Riverview Dr, Green Bay, WI 54313

WHEN: Last Tuesday of the month 6-8 pm





The Green Bay Juggling Club is open to anyone interested in juggling or other related skill-toys including diabolos, devil sticks, yo-yos, poi, hula hooping, unicycles, contact juggling, kendama, spinning tops, etc.


September is Suicide Prevention Awareness Month, a time to raise awareness on a stigmatized, and often taboo, topic. Each Friday this month you will receive an email with ideas to support our students during the year, data, community resources, thoughts from students and more.

Sense of Belonging

  • The 2021 Youth Risk Behavior Survey captured data on sense of belonging at school.

    • 65% of students feel like they belong at school.

  • How can we increase the sense of belonging for our students?


  • “I think a sense of belonging looks different to everyone, but I do feel that friends or peers with similar interests help create a sense of belonging. I think that a push to get involved in something such as clubs, sports, theater, or music, something will help people to integrate themselves within [the school] better.” -Elianna

Sources of Strength

  • This new student-led program at Bay Port focuses on relational connections using teams of peer leaders mentored by adult advisors to change social norms about students seeking help while assessing and developing strengths in their lives

    • They believe that many strengths are more powerful than one, and their united goal is to activate and mobilize these strengths in ways that positively change individuals and communities.



In addition to District Social Media, local TV/Radio stations and the District Website, HSSD will also send weather-related delays and cancellations via text message.

You may opt in to receive text messages by texting the word YES to 68453. You will receive a confirmation reply within a few minutes of sending your request.
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