Ghettos During WWII

By Haley W. Brian W. Nick W.

During world war II what were the ghettos living conditions?

  • They lived poorly and most of them died {approximately 300 a day} from starvation and disease. (they were flooded with Nazis)

A boundary wall of the Warsaw ghetto

Describe ghettos and tell me what they were.

  • Ghettos were a place where Jews were held during the holocaust [they were forced to go to]

This is another pic of a boundary wall.

Explain the year of 1933 and 1943.

  • In 1933 Hitler created ghettos and and forced Jews to live in them and in 1943 the Warsaw ghetto tried to defeat the German Nazis.

This is a photograph of a little Jewish kid in a ghetto

Fast Facts:

  1. Also, in 1943, the Nazis closed down the Warsaw ghetto and moved everybody to a death camp
  2. 90% of Jews died of mistreatment Warsaw ghetto.
  3. 1300 Jews died trying to fight back so they could get out of ghettos

Polish ghetto

inside the Warsaw ghetto

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