Cristal Luna


Who I Am ?

Hello, my name is Cristal and 17 years old born January 12,1996 . Im Mexican American. I am friendly and outgoing and as well sincere, one of my favorite things about myself is my hair since its just about everywhere and uniquely frizzy.

My Family

My family is very important to me most of all my mother (Carmen) . I spend a lot of time with them . I am a all time mommy's fan but as well a daddy's little girl ( dad spoils me!) . I have a lot of family some whom i do communicate some who unfortunately I don't since they live far away. I do have favorites in my family (even though it's wrong..,) . My favorites are, unlce Alvaro& my aunt Lupita & cousins Jared & Freddy, and My aunt Anabel& uncle miguel / cousins Ivan & Lalo who all live in Puebla except my cousin Freddy(Freddy lives in California with my aunt Ana) .And finally my uncle Oracio who lives in Baja California . I also am close to my older brother and his kids. I adore them and spend afternoons playing with them restlessly.

Meet My Friends

My best friends are; Sidnee Baker, Kelly Diaz, Courtney Forney, and Morgan Roy .

Traveled to

Another thing is that I absolutely love to travel, I've traveled to Virginia, South Carolina, Georgia, Tennesee, Texas, Florida, and California in the U.S

Traveled To

I also travel almost every summer to Mexico to see my grandparents so, I travel a lot there too. Ive been to Mexico City, Tijuana, Veracruz, Hidalgo , and Queretaro

Meet My Dogs

I love animals especially dogs , I have 3 and their names are ; Peluche a Toy Poodle, Minnie a Pomeranian, and Maya my favorite the Pitbull.

Work In

My goal is to graduate out of high school and college and work for immigration in a airport. My dream is also to have two houses , one in Mexico in a small populated place named Atlixco and the other house in Atlanta.

A Dream

A dream of mine is to get to travel to one of these locations England, Spain or Australia.

My Take On Science

I've always liked science because its profoundly interesting it's always great to learn how much the human race has advanced and how much there is to the world we don't know. If we didn't have the study of science the human race would be stuck in the stone ages so I believe that science is a magnificent resolution to excel and also a resolution to how to understand how the world works .