The Grimm Legacy

by: Polley Shulman

Setting & main characters

The setting in the book is in a New York, most of the time and the season was fall in the book.

I have been somewhere like that in the woods during fall. I didn't like it because in would get cuts everywhere. I wouldn't want to be in a place like that right now because i would freak out if i see a fairy.

The main characters in the story was a girl name Elizabeth she a girl that is nice and intelligent she changes n the story when she found out about the fairy-tale. i would like to be friends with character, the other main character is Mr. Mauskopf hes old and the neighbor of Elizabeth. Hes the one who made all this happen with a spell , he changes in the story by letting go of the spell, i would not like to be friends with him.

Sample Title

Beginning, Middle, End, and conflict of story

Elizabeth has just started working as a page at the New York

Circulating Material Repository. She was really good at it and that's

what she wanted to do in the future too. One day that day she

asked her self what if a fairy-tail was real.

The next day she woke up and she was in a fairy-tail.

In the fairy-tail there were fairy's and Magic mirrors. Each time you'll

look at a mirror it would show her as a cartoon. Everything around

her would be cartoon looking. Elizabeth was freaking out.

Elizabeth went to Marie's house and asked her what was going on

Marie said nothing was going on. Then there was a fairy that asked

Elizabeth what's going on and she's said I don't know. She then

found out she was the only person that she can see them.

The conflict of the story is that Elizabeth didn't know what was

happening and that she was the only person that can see that