Personal finance project

Dallis Smith

Hobbies, Family info,and what i would like to do when I grow up.

The things that i like to do and that i do very well are play basketball and surf youtube. I have been playing basketball for a very long time now and i am getting better and better everyday so i enjoy it. Youtube is something I do in my free time and its very fun to watch to me.I live In a household with my mom, and I. MY brother is out of college and living on his own and me and him have a good relationship I really don't know what i want to be when i grow up because there are so many things i can do in life so i still am unsure at this point. Over winter break i did nothing but play basketball and play basketball pretty much. I rested a lot as well and hung out with friends sometimes. I slept most of christmas eve and when i was up i was just chilling watching youtube. Christmas day i spent a lot of time with family and went to different families house. My favorite gift was money. The reason being is because with money you can buy what you want when you want. I didn't go on any vacations. The activities i did was workout and play basketball. We had practice alot over break and when we were not at practice i was at very many different gyms with some friends from other schools.I don't look forward to being in any clubs or anything second semester or to play any other sports.