Three Blind Mice sue Farmers Wife

The Case of Blind Mice vs. Farmers Wife

How it started

As you know, back a long time ago, the Farmers Wife cut the tails of of three Blind Mice, or so we are lead to believe. A few weeks ago, the Mice pressed charges, and the Farmers Wife had received a subpoena calling her to court, and when she did not show, they police arrested her, on a bail of 20,000 dollars. When the policed took, or arraigned, her to court she was charged with a major felony for not obeying a courts order to appear.

The Court Case

Her indictment was not appearing in court, so she was going to jail, but if the mice won the case she would be in jail for a lot longer. The Farmers Wife didn't have enough money to hire an attorney, so they gave her a public defender. As they continued with the prosecution, the Mice seemed to winning. After hearing her case, the Petite Jury found her guilty as accused. The defendants, the Mice, were relieved to finally have justice. The Farmers Wife tried to strike a plea bargain, but the Judge, and court, refused.

The Appeal

Not feeling that she was justified she asked for an appeal. The case was bounced up until it ended up with the Grand Jury. After a few hours, the Jury delivered the verdict not guilty, or that she was acquitted, on the lack of witnesses. However, the Farmers wife was still convicted to several years in prison on the charges of insubordination, and lying to the court, or perjury, about very important details in the case.