Maverick Minutes

February 15, 2016

I hope you had a great Valentine's Day! The parties went really well on Friday and I appreciate all of your efforts to make them fun and organized!

We are happy to welcome Mandi Wilson back this week! Her grandmother passed away on 2/11 and we continue to pray for them during this time of transition!

Also, please remember Robin B. and her family. Her dad is under the care of Hospice and she is in Amarillo with him and the family at this time.

This Week At Parkview

Monday, February 15th
  • Collaboration 2nd grade, 7:30-8:10 am
  • TELPAS calibration 3:00-5:00 downstairs lab
  • Lego Club 6:00pm
Tuesday, February 16th
  • Collaboration, 1st and 5th grades, 7:30-8:10 am
  • ARD 10:45
  • Epps meeting 11:30-1:30
  • TELPAS calibration 3:00-5:00 downstairs lab

Wednesday, February 17th

  • Collaboration, Kinder, 7:30-8:10 am
  • Happy Birthday, Jodi Burkhart!
  • ARD speech 1:00
  • Staff meeting 3:15-4:15, 1st grade snacks/game; 4th grade Fundamental 5

Thursday, February 18th

  • Collaboration 3rd grade, 7:30-8:10
  • Epps meeting 8:30-12:30
  • Imagine Learning Espanol 12:30-2:30 in upstairs lab
  • Fundraiser Kickoff 1st, 2nd, 3rd 1:30pm; K, 4th, 5th 2:00pm
  • TELPAS calibration 3:00-5:00 downstairs lab
  • CPR/first aide training 3:00-5:00 library
Friday, February 19th
  • Clubs 7:45-8:20
  • Epps 8:30-11:00
  • Staff potluck
  • ARD speech 11:40, 1:00, 1:40
  • Attendance Dance 2:30 pm

Coming Up Next Week!

Monday, 2/22

Tuesday, 2/23
  • Social Studies walk through 12 noon-2pm
  • Math/Reading night meeting, 3:10pm
Wednesday, 2/24
  • Team lead mtg 3:10

Thursday, 2/25

Friday, 2/26

  • Clubs 7:45-8:20
  • Conferences: 8:20-8:50 3rd grade; 8:50-9:20 2nd grade; 9:20-9:50 5th grade; 9:50-10:20 4th grade; 10:20-10:50 kinder; 10:50-11:10 specials; 11:10-11:40 1st grade
  • Early dismissal 11:40 am

IPAD Cart Schedule

Monday, 2/15 Ingram

Tuesday 2/16 Ketcham

Wednesday, 2/17 Volyes

Thursday, 2/18 Velasco

Friday, 2/19 Ayars

Monday, 2/22 open

Tuesday, 2/23 Carreno

Wednesday, 2/24 open

Thursday, 2/25 Dinh

Friday, 2/26 open

Coming Up Soon!

2/23 Social Studies walk-through with Diffie (12 noon-2pm)

2/23 Once Upon a Time Family Math/Reading night meeting, 3:10 pm

2/24 TELPAS online Calibration 3:00-5:00 pm (downstairs lab)

2/26 Clubs meet #4 (last day)

2/26 Early dismissal 11:40 am, staff development 1-3:30

2/29-3-4 Texas Public Schools Week

2/29 Education Foundation Grant applications due

2/29 Grades due 8:00 am

3/2 Class picture day

3/2 Vertical team meetings--STAAR training for all staff (required)

3/3 Family math/reading night

3/3 Epps reading day

3/3 Progress reports go home

3/4 Mom breakfast

3/4 Character Assembly

3/4 Cliburn Piano presentation for 2nd-4th graders 1:30 pm

3/7 PTA board meeting

3/8 Benchmark 3rd-4th math

3/8 TELPAS reading 2nd grade, 5th grade

3/9 Benchmark 3rd-4th reading

3/10 Benchmark 5th science, TELPAS 3rd and 4th reading

3/13 Time change

3/14-18 Spring Break

3/22 PTA meeting

3/25 NO school, weather make up day

3/29 STAAR 4th grade writing, 5th grade math

3/30 STAAR 5th grade reading

Screener/Assessment Feedback

Please be sure you and your grade have given your feedback on the assessments/screeners (aimsweb, istation, estar/mstar) from this year using the link sent via email. It is due by this Friday, 2/19. Here is the link again...

The Water Cycle

One of my favorite memories from elementary science (when science was mostly textbook reading) was making this model as a demonstration of the water cycle. I know a lot of you are on this area of science now and thought you might like to do this with your kids if it fits your TEKS. (Directions in Family Fun, Feb/March 2016)
Big image

Vocabulary Instructional Focus 2015-16

Our new word this week is UNIQUE.

Big image


Thank you to Jodi, Priscilla, and Zulema for their hard work on the yearbook! It is in the final stretch and due to the company very soon! Please turn in the requested pictures as soon as possible!

Thank you to everyone who is leading or helping with a club! The kids really love this time and our tardies are much lower on Friday mornings when clubs are happening! I know it is extra work, but you are building relationships with kids you might not have met otherwise! Take the opportunity to be someone who cares about a kid that others may not notice! You never know the difference and influence those relationships can have on someone!


Reminder to attend a TELPAS calibration session this week. You must complete your calibration in one setting (before it let you exit and return).

Reminder of CPR training on Thursday. Every grade and team must have someone certified. Be sure you know who your person is or will be!

Reminder to talk about and do a focus on vocabulary words of the week!

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