Sped Weekly Update

Week of September 14th

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Whoa, what are you guys super heros??

By now you should have:

  • Looked at schedules and scheduled amendment meetings if necessary
  • Gathered voc-tech IEP's
  • Handed in meeting request forms for the school year
  • Made contact to regular ed teachers
  • Made contact to parents
  • Checked the evaluation list with your students in Aspen.

Please let me know if you need more time in doing these tasks. THANK YOU for working your tails off to do this. Sometimes it seems unfair on top of all of the other stuff we have going on!

Letter to Educators from RIDE regarding out visit....

Please read the letter below regarding out visit. You will need to complete the CONFIDENTIAL Survey by the end of the month as well. The letter and survey went out to all regular educators, service providers and special educators of the students who were picked to be shadowed by RIDE. If you did not receive an email from me than you do not have that have a student who is being shadowed.

All of the special education department will:

Last Call for Vo-Tech IEP's

If you have yet to hand these in, please leave in by mailbox. They will be picked up on TUESDAY afternoon. Thanks!

Room 201 Files

I tried to do a clean sweep of 201 to assist in the organization up there. I apologize for the mess, as I tried several times to go but there was construction. So there are 3 piles:

  • Old files of former students I (with the help of Julie and Lindsay) believed to be not current students.
  • Current Files on top of a bookshelf (I labeled as current students)
  • 9th grade files (on the desk in 201 office)

Please take a minute and do the following:

  • Check to see if any of your current students are in the shred pile
  • Take any of your current students files
  • Take any 9th grade files needed

I would like to make sure that all student files are locked up and NOT out in the open. BY THIS FRIDAY!! Thanks for your cooperation.

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