What is a Dystopia and examples

What is a Dystopia?

A Dystopia is nonexistent place in which a appearance of a perfect place or society are controlled through corporate,bureaucratic, technological, moral or totalitarian control. Dystopica's are a worst-case scenario to make a disapproval about a current event ,trend or social normally. It could even be about current politics

Types of Dystopian controls

Corporate control-One or more large corporations ( such as Wal-mart and Target) control society through products, advertising and/or media. For example Black Friday ads or cheaper products. ( picture # 1)

Bureaucratic control- Society is controlled by a mindless bureaucracy through a tangle of red tape, relentless regulations and incompetent government officials. For example police officers or people in or under government who does not do what there job is asked of them and/or does there job poorly. ( picture #2)

Technological control- Society is controlled by technology-through computers, robots and/or scientific means. For example our everyday phones and computers. ( picture #3)

What does a Dystopian Hero look like?

A Dystopian hero often feels the need to excape how things are in the current world the protagonist lives in. The hero feels the need to escape life. More times then not a Dystopian hero questions the control of political systems. A hero in this sense believes that something in this world is horribly wrong in the society where the protagonist lives.
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