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Crash statistics indicate that up to 80% of multi-vehicle accidents between cars or trucks and motorcyclists or bicyclists are not the rider’s fault but the driver’s. Motorcycle and bike riders have the same rights as other drivers on the roads, and cars and trucks are required by law to exercise the same care and concern as they would for any other vehicle. Sadly, many do not. All too often, this results in serious injury and death for thousands of riders and their passengers every year. Even with proper safety gear, motorcyclists may sustain catastrophic injuries to the head, neck, spine and brain. Burns and amputation are also possible and can cause permanent disfigurement. If you have been injured in a motorcycle accident, or if your loved one died in a cycle accident, contact The Law Offices of Daniel Kim.

It is estimated that riders who are involved in motorcycle crashes are 6 times more likely to suffer injury and more than 25 times more likely to die than people in a car or truck. We handle many types of car and DKIM motorcycle accident attorney Anaheim ( ) , including drivers changing lanes without looking, running stop signs or red lights, hitting motorcycles making left turns and reckless behavior or drunk driving.

Proving who is at fault or caused a motorcycle accident can be difficult. Relevant evidence needs to be gathered and used to your advantage in court. This is precisely how an injury attorney can help, by utilizing the proper legal resources and knowledge to help with your case. In addition to working with professionals in accident reconstruction, private investigation and crash scene investigation, our firm works with expert witnesses in medicine, psychology and economics. We take all injuries, losses and expenses into account, not only those that are affecting you now but those that you may experience well into the future. Recovering monetary compensation can help you and your family begin rebuilding and moving on with your lives even if this previously seemed difficult or impossible.

DKIM Personal Injury Lawyer Anaheim

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DKIM Personal Injury Lawyer Anaheim

We think making a difference in people’s lives starts with having a different approach. We understand the pressures and confusion people can experience when faced with being a victim of a personal injury, and take great pride in the fact that we listen intently to each client’s unique situation and get to know them and their families. From the start, we help navigate our clients through the process and are always there for them whenever they need us. We represent individuals and families in a wide array of serious personal injury claims in California.

DKIM Personal & Accident Injury Lawyer Anaheim