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December 7, 2015

Good News, Bad News

Every morning we begin our day with a Morning Meeting. This is an engaging way to start the day, build community in our classroom, and set students up for success socially and academically. We always have a greeting, sharing, and reflection activity (focusing on mindfulness, deep breathing, and goal setting). We often set a timer and share Good News/Bad News. Students can share something good or bad happening in their lives. The responses are candid, endearing, and open doors to other thought-provoking conversations.

So, I would like to share my very bad news with you. My classroom computer's operating system crashed! I am struggling to find all my missing files (lessons and activities and most dear to my heart....PICTURES of your children learning and interacting with friends and learning partners). Please bare with me, as I recreate all our first grade homework files, reading sheets, and other miscellaneous activities.

My good news is that our school is doing a food drive! This is one of my favorite school-wide events. It is so wonderful to see the students display traits of kindness and generosity and their "take-away" from this experience is heart-warming and contagious as they watch the food items multiple in the lobby. See my heading below for more information.

Five Days of Giving

Lets help stock the food shelves in our community! Please bring in nonperishable food items to help. Any donation is welcome! Here are some suggested items:

  • canned goods
  • personal care items (shampoo, soap, toilet paper)
  • Cereal
  • Rive
  • Pasta
  • Laundry Soap

Thank you for your generous donations! The school is having a friendly classroom competition to see who can collect the most donations each day.


Students continue to work in our geometry unit. Students have been working with decomposing shapes in different ways and altering designs to use more or fewer pieces to cover the same space. They are also seeing relationships between squares and triangles and working with patterns in quilts. We will begin working with 3-D shapes next week.

Classroom Needs

Thank you. Thank you. Thank you for bringing in items to help support wellness in our classroom! Healthy snacking, washing hands, disinfecting tables and chairs are all common practices in room 108! Thank you for your support!

In Need of a Good Home

Is anyone looking for a new pet? One of our classmates is has the sweetest Guinea Pig, but they need to find a new home for it due to allergies. Here is a short message from the current owners...

Our guinea pig is extremely friendly and wants interaction. He is very social. He likes to go outside but will want to stay right by you sitting on the grass. He will do a "popcorn" jump when he is happy and whistles when he is happy to see you or is receiving his treat! He is gray and white. He does not bite. We just adore him but Mike has developed an allergy and with baby coming, we need to find him a loving home.

We don't want any money for him, we just want him to find another child that will love him. We would include his cage " home" and any bedding/fill and food that we have left at the time.

Sad for us to see him go, as he has been our most loved pet!! Please let me know if you know of anyone! I really don't want to give him to a stranger through Craig's list or newspaper if we don't have to.

Please let me know if you are interested!

Kevin Henkes

Our new author study is Kevin Henkes. He is a delightful author who uses repetition, made up animal characters, humor, and rhyming in his stories. The students have enjoyed his stories and have learned some great vocabulary words along the way. ;)
Meet Kevin Henkes


Sharing the Joy of Reading

Tuesday, Dec. 22nd, 1:30pm

504 South Oak Street

La Crescent, MN

We will be reading under the stars and sharing our joy for reading on December 22. Students in our classroom will be presenting a small reading performance, followed by partner reading, and then sharing of treats. Students are allowed to bring one loved one to this joyous event. Students will also be allowed to leave directly after the program with their visitor.

More information to follow!

RSVPs are enabled for this event.

Winter Sign-Along

Wednesday, Dec. 23rd, 12:30pm

504 South Oak Street

La Crescent, MN

This school-wide winter sing along will be approximately 45 minutes long and will take place in the large gymnasium. The event has traditionally been very packed, so you may want to arrive a few minutes early. Students will be able to leave with their family members directly following this event. Students should be signed out in their classrooms.

We are in this together!

I value your voice and ideas in our classroom. I appreciate your thoughts and concerns. Please, never hesitate to contact me!