school uniforms

By: Mady C.

No Uniforms were in danger during the making of this flyer.

Here's something to look at

Look at the graph below.
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Jrab to Fab

kids need to express themselves

  • In 2009-2010, 19% of in the U.S. wears a school uniform
  • without colorful outfits on kids backs, they will never be the same

Uniforms affect bulling

  • 30% of students in grade 6-10 are involved in frequent bulling because of uniforms
  • If teachers, adults, and principals want to get ride of bullying, they should start with no uniforms

Money Loss

  • without a uniform, that student will be held under strict rules
  • some students without one will be kicked out of that school and be sent somewhere else while wearing a worn out uniform

Look at this!!!

Watch this video
Deer Valley High School Against Uniforms