Visual Arts 10

Mobile Learning Apps

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Welcome to the Visual Arts 10 S'more Flyer!

This page is designed to provide resources for students to use to further their development as an artist. As well, I hope that theses apps will help students realize the essential connection between technology and art in our 21st Century society.

Explore the apps below and have fun!


These apps are great tools for both students & teachers to use in and outside of class time. For the most part, these apps are free, accessible, easy to use, and encourage the incorporation of technology into visual arts. All of the apps listed are compatible with mobile learning devices such as iPads, iPhones, and mac computers.

APP #1 Jazz Sculptor

This free and easy to use app allowed students to become a virtual sculpture. The app offers many different materials from which you can sculpt your own artwork. As well, this tool can be used anywhere, therefore you can explore creative ideas without the restrictions of always being in the studio!

Take a look at the tutorial video to familiarize yourself with this tool.

Kitamitv. (Producer). (2010, April 12). Jazz sculptor pro [Web Video]. Retrieved from

Jazz Sculptor Pro

APP #2 Adobe Ideas

Adobe Ideas is an app that allows users to draw illustrations from the accessibility of your mobile device. With this tool, students are able to develop ideas for projects outside of class time whenever inspiration strikes!

APP #3 ArtSite

This is a fabulous tool both for students and teachers. ArtSite can be widely used in class and at home to create virtual galleries, learn about museum artwork, and to do critiques on other student's work.

ArtSite is an educational network that can bring visual arts to the next level through the development of global awareness around the world at the tip of your fingertips.

Click on the pictures below to take a sneak-peak at all that ArtSite has to offer.

Artsite home page [Web Photo]. Retrieved from

The museum [Web Photo]. Retrieved from

My gallery [Web Photo]. Retrieved from

APP # 4: ColorSchemer

This app allows students to experiment with the colour wheel by manipulating colour harmonies and relationships.

As well, students can share their palette creations with other ColorSchemer users.

This is a free, accessible tool that can aid in an individual's understanding of colour theory.

APP # 5: Musee du Louvre HD

Although this app does have a small cost, it is a great resource for teachers to use in class. This app can expand the knowledge of students regarding historically influential artwork that is displayed in the Louvre Museum in Paris.

Pictures of the artwork are displayed in high resolution and include comments of art critics and museum experts.

As well, students can refer to this app if they need to make reference to past artwork to develop and support their own project ideas.

Take a look at the picture below for an example

Chan, A. (Producer). (2011, November 21). Amenophis IV [Web Photo]. Retrieved from

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APP #6 Etch-a-Sketch HD

This is the perfect app for doing some doodling! Students can use this to app to have fun while at the same time practicing drawing skills. As well, users can upload their own photo to draw on it then share it, or save it.