School Uniforms


School Uniforms Are Unfair

I think school uniforms are unfair, They don't let students express their personality.


Restricts Freedom Of Expression

"The First Amendment of the US Constitution guarantees that all individuals have the right to express themselves freely." states. With uniforms, students can't express their personality. No jewelry, hat etc.

Uniforms Don't Improve Attendance

Uniforms don't help attendance or bullying. There are still fight and suspensions in private schools. Also, uniforms are ineffective with both elementary students and eighth graders.

Uniforms Don't Help Transition To Adulthood

Adults have their own clothes and if you have no experience with normal clothes you get stuck. They don't know how to express themselves with clothing. It also doesn't let students make their own choices.

Lower Self Confindence

Students wear uniforms that sometimes don't fit their body the right way. Which can cause embarrassment, bullying, or bad self-image.
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Counter Claims

Uniforms don't distract learning

When students wear the same clothes they are less worried about how they look. They don't play with their clothes or get distracted by their clothing or bracelets.

They May Improve Attendance And Discipline

Without uniforms, students begin to wear inappropriate clothing such as crop-tops, really short shorts, strapless clothing etc. And uniforms improve attendance because it doesn't take as long to get dressed.

Prevent Gang Colors and insignia

Uniforms prevent gang members from showing their colors and signs. Uniforms help a safe environment.
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Uniforms DO distract learning because they can be uncomfortable. Or they can be too tight or too itchy or just not the students favorite color. Also, they do not improve attendance because students do not want to come to school to an uncomfortable outfit. Finally, students can still wear gang signs on their bracelets, headbands, rings etc.
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