Jacob's Rescue

A Holocaust Story

Main Characters

Jacob Gutged is a Jewish Boy. Alex Roslan is a christian who adopts and saves Jacob from the Ghetto. Mela Roslan is Alex's wife. The couple take in the Jewish boy into their house in order to save him. With actions and risks by the Alex and Mela Roslan they earn the Righteous Among Nations Award.


This story is about a Jewish boy named Jacob Gutged who is deported into a ghetto in Warsaw, Poland. After the Nazis invaded Poland and other countries around Europe they set up concentration camps, death camps, and ghettos. The Nazis were against the Jews and so they put the Jews into camps or ghettos so they could accomplish the Final Solution which was the Nazi plan to exterminate all the Jews. Jacob gets deported into a ghetto and there he experiences harsh and deadly conditions. A young christian man named Alex sees the Jewish boy in the ghetto and he decides to save him, he takes Jacob into his house and is risking his life, family, and rights in order to save Jacob.



"May you never know the hunger I knew."

This quote means that someone out there in the world that didn't go through the Holocaust will never know how a Holocaust survivor suffered without food and through tough conditions


Everyone reading this book should know that this book is 100% non-fiction. This book gives readers the idea and how life was for a Jew during WWII. You can feel the intensity and the challenges that a Jew had to face and endure during WWII. Those challenges were very tough and you can experience and feel them as you read this book.